An eclection of insights into the nature of writing and being a writer. 

An inviting writing table

An inviting writing table

As you know I have a penchant for places which foster the timeless absorption of concentrated reading or writing, or just looking out the window, thinking, or allowing your eye to roam across shelf-stretches of book spines to see if your inner-tuitive librarian...

A great paradox

A great paradox

Heaney tackles the paradox of poetry and other arts, the fact that at one level 'no lyric ever stopped a tank'.   Yet they may just steel those who are stopping tanks, or help the rest of us understand what it takes to stop one.  Or perhaps they can help keep the...

The window-dressers of power

The window-dressers of power

While this comment refers to a specific poetry collection, I like it as a worthwhile goal for poetry, or come to think of it, for writing more generally.Its whole intent is to devastate those arrangements which are offered as truth by power's window-dressers...

How to hide a poem (II)

How to hide a poem (II)

Listening time: under 5 minutes.   This disturbing quotation is striking on several levels.   By the Hungarian poet György Faludy concerning his first few weeks of incarceration by the secret police, it first caught my attention for the sheer feat of composing poetry...

All good publishers have a department of exceptions.

Gabriel Zaid – So Many Books

Nonsense daubers

Folly, speaking from her light-hearted pulpit, lays into another bunch of self-serious fools, those who write books, or as she...

Rules and writers

Nikos Kazantzakis, best known as the author of Zorba the Greek, pretty much wipes the floor with literary theorists, quite...

Time and poets

This summary of where Mandelstam places the poet versus the ‘man of letters’ on the time spectrum intrigues me.  Yes,...


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