An eclection of insights into the nature of writing and being a writer. 

Let the colour dry

Let the colour dry

An insight into technique by a superb poet, using a wonderful metaphor.  Time fixes colours, in words as in paints, and you should let your work dry before you alter it. And decisions?  Might the same principle apply?Poems, like water-colours, should be left to dry...

Life and Fate – documentary

Life and Fate – documentary

Stumbled across an excellent documentary by Priscilla Pizzato, Life and Fate by Vasili Grossman (in French, with English subtitles) on the European channel  If you haven't yet read the book, this could be the trigger.Sorry to say this was only available...

Missing homework

Missing homework

Here Steinbeck suffers a bout of exam nerves before being bombarded with highly intellectual questions from his counterparts in the Soviet Union, particularly regarding 'American writing', which for some reason they expected him to know something about. As he says, if...

Four years old today!

Four years old today!

Today is Shakespeare's birthday & ours! The WritingRedux literary ink-fest is 4 years old with 2000+ dazzling illustrated quotes, reviews and other bright writing delights. Sign up for regular mind-feast despatches to hone your wits and lift your...

All good publishers have a department of exceptions.

Gabriel Zaid – So Many Books

Time and poets

This summary of where Mandelstam places the poet versus the ‘man of letters’ on the time spectrum intrigues me.  Yes,...

Safe rendering

The Russian author Vasily Grossman here resists editorial efforts to render the first of his Stalingrad novels, For a Just...

Heroic journals

All laud to Labaume, going to such heroic lengths to write his journal. I will have to introduce this makeshift...


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