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Here’s something to celebrate

Here’s something to celebrate

Well, this feels great, WritingRedux has just turned eight... Here is our latest Delight Despatch to remind you that today is also San Jordi's Day, so you can go out and buy a book or some roses for someone. Thank you kind readers for your continuing support!

Letters longed for

Letters longed for

Vasily Grossman's translator, Robert Chandler, describes Grossman's letters to and from his mother, all written by himself, in a heart-rending response to the grief of losing her when she died in a ghetto,  Although I have come across letters written but not sent, or...

The magpie writer

The magpie writer

Guilty as charged - I had a sense of recognition when I read this.  Sometimes it feels less as if I have ideas for writing than that ideas accost me as I stroll about, catching my eye as a bright button might catch the magpie's eye.  I pick them up off the street,...

Poems for my family 012 – Thomas

Poems for my family 012 – Thomas

Listening time: under 4 minutes.  A poet describes the driving force of his art, not one of fame, trophies and applause, but rather the 'common wages' of the secrets, loves and griefs of ordinary people, who may not even know or care about the poems being written for...

All good publishers have a department of exceptions.

Gabriel Zaid – So Many Books

A poet’s prayer

In fact, a prayer for any writer. Having just read John Drury's marvelous appreciation of George Herbert's life and his...

Keats’ correspondence

Here are Keats' own aspirations for his letter-writing. Whether he found interesting matter or just made matter interesting, his letters...

Religion or weariness

I liked this sharp reminder that literature is always work-in-progress, particularly in translation. While I have used the term 'definitive'...

Rules and writers

Nikos Kazantzakis, best known as the author of Zorba the Greek, pretty much wipes the floor with literary theorists, quite...


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